Ornament není zločin

Ornament is not a crime

Lucerna Gallery, Prague

Ornament is not a crime. Or is it? Or is it a straight line? Adolf Loos described it this way in his work called Ornament and crime. Friedensreich Hundertwasser, on the other hand, considered straight line to be a crime. I believe that neither of those is a crime. However, I find ornament and curve much closer than a straight line. I present new reliefs made with glass and steel at the exposition in the Lucerna Gallery. I work with ornament motifs inspired by nature. Also presenting new light sculptures from alu and plexi. The exhibition tries to document my creation, my search for shapes and forms while using various materials, my search for human stories, paralel worlds, goddesses, happiness and freedom.

Michal Trpák (srpen 2019)