Going | Michal Trpák


height 190 cm

I made this idea first in 2008 as a mobile sculpture for the atrium of Palac Krizik in Prague. It is made from bigger single figures and whole sculpture is 6 m tall and it is hanging in the atrium of Palac Krizik.
The idea is a kind of philosophy of being. When you look it globally you see the major things but you don’t see the individuals which are as important as the whole thing but also not important at all as the whole thing isn’t, it is all kind of game.
Our society or system which is somehow working and of which we are and have to be part of, although each of us is individual with his own mind and needs but with others creating something bigger which is living also its own life.
Like when you look at the sculpture from distance you see just a silhouette of the human walking figure, but when one starts looking closer he starts to see the crowd of little figures in kind of unorganized chaos. But when one looks even closer he can recognize all of them are going the same way and then on even closer look you can see the individual little figures with details and then you can see there is one going the other direction than the rest.
Going is a sculpture of going crowd, society, system, but also going of individuals. We are going, sometimes does not know where and why and what are the reasons, but we will keep going and play the “game” how good or bad it will depend on every individual 🙂
Just keep going and have fun…