The Parallel World of Angels


Statues that were created in cooperation with Petmat!
The parallel world of angels, the world we only suspect and imagine, we often idealize and believe in its salvation, oversight over us or the protection of our souls.
But why could not this world be parallel to ours, and our angels couldn’t live similar lives full of passion, emotion and joy like us? Like for instance mythical gods on Mount Olympus …
Installation for Jindřichův Hradec at the end of 2018.
The parallel world of angels is already the second project of shared print in the Czech Republic from PETMAT, with the aim of jointly building a 3D-printed swarm of statues made of recycled PET material. This time it’s an experimental print from the newly developed filament, which originates from PET bottles collected in the Czech Republic. The project is also a challenge to using recycled materials in 3D printing in general as well as an experiment looking for the limits of these materials.